:: Jetset :: Changing Focus

I have a confession: I was all mopey on New Year’s Day about the lack of travel.


If you have known me for a while, you know that I (used to) travel a lot; at least once a month before C came along. The last time I was grounded this long (3 months and counting) was when I hit 30 weeks with C and until she turned 3 months. It’s harder to take considering how many places in the states are a short plane ride away.


Here’s the reality: NYC area airports are hell, unlike HK (or SG), it takes hours to get through. Even though we are legal aliens (residents), we have to join the tourist queue. So a 1 hour flight will probably take 4-5 hours! Plus, between buying the home and renovating both bathrooms, our finances are tied (and tight). 


I decided to do something about the situation yesterday; I went ahead and booked a 2 night stay in the Poconos Mountains in Pennsylvania for the upcoming long weekend. Camelback Ski area is about 30 minutes from the resort which means I will finally get to break out my dusty (and extremely underused) snowboard and C will get to go snow tubing. 2 weeks after, we will head to Vermont for the same with a couple of friends. I am looking forward to a good wintry vacation. 


Now that C is older, planning a trip is no longer just about where I want to go, what I want to do. If you ask me, I would jet across the pond to Paris for 3 days of shopping, eating and museums. I really don’t think C would enjoy all that and that’s not a bad thing. She will have all the time in the world to appreciate art and when she earns her own big bucks, shopping. And truly, I feel bad dragging her to look at shoes and bags; do I really want to teach her consumerism at such a young age? Her temperament does not suit such activities anyway. I guess these days it’s about the beach and the mountains; all sorts of active stuff for her to burn up her energy.


To this point, I voluntarily gave up a Paris trip in April and offered to head to middle of nowhere Ireland for Mr. P to show off his darling daughter and for C to connect with her very large, extended Irish family. Of late she has been talking a lot about family and cousins. I think it is important that she knows she starts getting to know them, especially it is very likely she is an only child and on my end, I couldn’t give a damn about my Dad’s side of the family (would rather she never know them) and we are not that close to my Mom’s side. 


In August when her school closes for Summer holidays, we head to the west coast for a road trip. I think we will probably spend the whole 17 days in California as I don’t want to cramp in too many places. I want to sit and chill in San Francisco for 4-5 days, a couple days in Yosemite, Nappa / Sonoma Valley and of course Disneyland and Universal Studio. 


I have also tentatively taken the week between Christmas and New Year off. After the craziness last year’s, I am not keen to be the person holding down the fort. I am thinking Caribbean for a week (a new country) even if it won’t be as warm as I’d like it to be. Or maybe Hawaii.


So many places, so few annual leave!




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