:: Life :: All wrapped up

2013 was a rather mixed year.

In some ways it was big; Clover started full day school-daycare, I went back to work full time after a 2 year hiatus, Mr. P dived into an area of the finance business that he had absolutely no experience in AND we bought a home.

The not so good involved giving to much of our hard earned money to the American government and working far too hard in the last 2 months of the year. Oh and the lack of travel; other than our 2-weeker in HK / SG, there’s only Turks and Caicos, Boston, DC and Philly. #FirstWorldProblems

In 2014 I pray for good health, a stillness of mind, the courage to pursue my goals, a humility to learn and an abundance of goodwill.

And may we all be brave to say what we want to…

P.S. I have a single resolution which is to be kinder and gentler to Mr. P, Clover, my family and most importantly myself. 


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