The Irmingers

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

We had a really quiet one this year; no travelling, no luncheon, just us three.

I suppose this is the first year that Clover really got into the festive mood. Unfortunately for me, Mr. P and I were both stupidly busy with work that we did not hit any Christmas markets 😦

Even though we were short on time, we made sure she had an old school advent calendar – the cardboard ones with a small square of chocolate.

Because we had spent Thanksgiving down in Brooklyn having a very English Roast with friends, Mr. P fancied having a “real, whole turkey” for Christmas.

So Christmas festivities began last weekend with C helping to bake “cookies for Santa”. On Christmas eve, Mr. P took her into work; which she absolutely enjoyed (must be the only person who didn’t want to leave work on Christmas eve). They then went to pick up the turkey and “carrots for Rudolph” (I guess we will be having carrot soup for lunch this weekend!!).

Last night we laid out the goodies for Santa and his reindeers…


This morning C slept in till 8am!! When we asked her to go check if Santa came, she replied, “We have no chimney, Santa can’t get in.” Bless her little heart! I told her he came but had to squeeze in through our window.

And of course she came out to find the plates empty save a half eaten cookies.

We bought her a Leappad Ultra and a purple bicycle. C also got a Barbie colouring book, a Peppa Pig annual and some play foam from her 婆婆, her 姨姨 and granddaddy.

After a subzero bike ride in the park with Mr. P, C helped prep our (mostly) homemade lunch (we even made the cranberry sauce!!). I think she enjoyed the process more than the food!



Mr. P’s insistence of a whole roast turkey rather than a 2lb breast meant that we’ll be having leftovers till 2014!

All in a quiet, restful and very successful Christmas.


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