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:: Life :: Where did the time go?

Gosh, has it been almost 6 weeks?

It’s hard to believe we are already in the final month of 2013 and I’ve been in the States for more than a year! Between moving, C starting a new school, us getting use to a new routine and work. The last 2 months have flown by.

We haven’t had time to enjoy Hoboken between our weekend trips to Lowes, Home Depot and Macy’s (that’s what home ownership does to you). C has been somewhat trying; it must be that unfortunate magical age of toddlerhood where boundaries are meant to be pushed, rules broken.

Work wise in 2013, I have somewhat gotten back on track towards Ops Management; may this hot streak continue. It’s been tough coming back from being a “tai-tai” to a full-time job (with zero domestic help) in a brand new market (NA financial markets have their own nuances and mind-boggling-ridiculous conventions). I am enjoying it; of course every office has it politics and budget constraint.

Off to make a pizza with bubba and hubba, so just a couple of links from the interweb…

13 things you should never say to a working mom

Wall Stree Mothers, SAHDs

And a LOL vid featuring ex-Sexist Man Alive


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