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Since we got back from the crazy fortnight in Asia, it’s been nothing but busy. 


The most exciting piece of news is we (finally) closed on our apartment.  

Keys to the Nest


In the last 3.5 weeks, we ran around organizing the movers, painters and floor people (the hardwood floors needed refinishing. We sought quotes for gutting both bathrooms and spent time choosing tiles and fixtures. We also did some easy DIY like changing out the door knobs to levers (easier for C to open the doors) and replacing all the old fashioned light switches. 


This weekend we are off to look at cars. While Hoboken is only one square mile, I am not looking forward to walking that one mile from our downtown apartment to C’s uptown school in the winter cold. Plus we figured having a car would give us easy access to a season of snowboarding and snow tubing. Perhaps we might even start C on her first ski lesson. ROAD TRIP!


On the work front, there were some interesting developments; a huge opportunity had arisen for me. I have lots to learn and I sure hope I’ll grow to be as good a man-manager as Mr. P. 


Clover’s been in a purple phase; she wants to wear only purple, colour with only her purple crayons and even asked for a purple room (we chose lavender with a slight pink tint). We took her to the Wiggles Live in Times Square and I found a (too big for her) Dorothy the dinosaur costume for her Halloween party. 



That’s it; one last weekend in UWS and we are off to NJ; we are moving on the day of our fourth wedding anniversary! How terribly unromantic but at least we will be celebrating at Colicchio and Sons a couple of days before that. 



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