:: Jetset :: Back to HK



If only we could transport (teleport??) our friends over to NYC, life would be perfect.

Back barely 24 hours and I’m annoyed. It could be that we picked the worst place to stay (Langham TST) or that C wasn’t well (puked 4 times during and after lunch) or maybe the subpar service EVERYWHERE. It reaffirmed the decision to leave HK.

Even if I question the financial sensibility of the move weekly (down, from daily). It’s hard; we never had to check our bank account while solely on Mr. P’s salary AND buying my expensive bags and shoes. And now a HUGE chunk of our disposable income gets sunk into daycare.

Is it worth it? I don’t know (right now) but I sure hope so.

Anyhoodle, there’s still the 10% good that I love about HK – cheap taxi, efficient airport and 奶茶! Off to replace my lost ID card tomorrow and indulge in some cha chan teng breakfast while Mr. P takes C on her version of “a holiday” (swimming).

P.S. Mr. P quit smoking 2 months after we moved. Massive deal with him being a 20-year smoker. No, he has never smoked at home or in front of Clover.

P.P.S. I can’t wait to get back to Singapore to stuff my face with all the hawker food. Diet starts once we get back to NYC!!


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