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:: Weekends :: Summer Days

Now that Mr. P has the all clear (it was just an infection causing an abscess that burst 8 hours before it was scheduled to be lanced) and we are 2 days away from our 2 week-er in Asia, I could get back to celebrating the end of  our first summer in NYC.

According to friends and colleagues, we have had a pretty good summer; weather was generally mild (only a week of temperatures in the 90s) and pretty much blue skies througout (the one weekend of heavy rain, we were in Turks). The last weekend of August, we found ourselves at a fair cutting through Central Park.

Our weekend started off with gelato from Grom.  *shock horror* We are not one of those no sugar, no preservatives, only organic parents; our belief is in moderation, coupled with fresh air, sunlight and exercise. I want C to remember her childhood fondly; of ice-creams on hot summer days, pretty leaves during the fall, hot cocoa and snow angels in winter and blooming flowers come spring.

Little rock climber
Over the “mountain as Dora would say

Our intended destination was the Central Park Zoo on the east side, somehow we got distracted by a summer only fair / “theme park”.  She was a tad young (and short) for most of the rides except five; we made the most of them.


First roller coaster ride
Her favourite ride despite her facial expression. We went on it 4 times!
On some hot air balloon ride (Pardon my silly face)
Waving to dada (even if she wasn’t looking)
Still not looking
Choo Choo!
Where is my dada?
Partners in crime for years to come (Shh! Don’t tell mama)





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