The Irmingers

Fear and Worry

It looks like the husband’s pain has taken a turn for the worst. He has hobbled to Mount Sinai Urgent Care a few blocks south from us.

To say I am stressed and worried is an understatement.

For someone who has always been pretty healthy (all confirmed via annual health screenings), I am not entirely sure what went wrong of late. The pain has to do with his prostate and that scares me. A LOT.

When the words men, prostate and pain are mentioned, I automatically think of cancer. With the shitty healthcare we have here in the states, it adds to my anxiety. He has seen a doctor and a surgeon; both teams have no effing clue what’s going on. They piled him with a bunch of pills – another issue I have with the STUPID AMERICAN HEALTHCARE SYSTEM. I guess it’s their way to make more money, meds and unnecessary diagnostic tests.

Please pray for us (even if Mr. P is agnostic).


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