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:: Life :: Shoo Virus :(

Just when I was going to write about what a fabulous weekend we had (Aug 24-25), the bub came down with a stomach virus that lasted all week. She finally did her first solid poo today; exactly 6.5 days after her first puke.

No happy dance because the husband is still under the weather. For some who in the 6 years we’ve been together had man-flu twice, he was inexplicably sick a lot (by that I meant twice since we moved Stateside). This is one rather serious ailment; he could hardly walk and had been on the couch most of the week.

Because of the two sick pups, I’ve had to work from home 1.5 days. This remote-working lark sounds like an excellent idea but in reality it’s a major pain (for what I do anyway).

Anyhoodle, it’s 2 more work weeks (8 working days) before are back in HK and SG. I can hardly wait. And after that, we close on our home!


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