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:: Jetset :: Grace Bay Providenciales, Turks and Caicos

CNN ranked this no. 3 out of 100 beaches in the world. It’s not hard to see why.

Grace Bay beach
View from The Sands

Of the dozen or so beach vacations I’d taken, I have to say it’s the best beach I’ve been on. Soft, fine sand giving way to turquoise waters.

When we picked Turks and Caicos, we considered going all inclusive at one of the high(er) end resorts. The heart stopping cost of USD 9,000 for 4 nights changed our minds. How much premium alcohol could I drink to justify the cost? (A lot if I didn’t have a child who wakes me up at 7 every.single.morning.) Plus C is 2.5, a bucket on the beach is more than enough to make her happy, there’s no need for a gazillion water slides (that I would have to go on with her).

I considered Ganservoort but Mr. P has never really been a buyer of boutique hotels (usually too stylistic and small for us and C). We ended up in The Sands at Grace Bay. It’s somewhat dated (like most resorts in this part of the world compared to spiffy, new-ish ones we get in Asia) but we got a one bedroom suite with a FULL SIZED KITCHEN. Those are magic words when travelling with kids!

It’s beach front with a small but well kept lagoon pool (which is pretty much 90% empty since the beach is gorgeous).

Poolside at The Sands

C is having the time of her life; swimming, building sandcastles all day every day.

Getting the sand ready
Busy building sandcastles with dada
Little Lifesaver

Last night during bed time C said “I don’t want to go home mama!” I think we’ll be getting a case of post-holiday blues this time 😦


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