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:: Weekends :: Arthur Ross Terrace @ AMNH

It’s been a rather grumpy weekend here in The Irminger household. The bub’s been poorly since Thursday night; we only managed a breakfast at French Roast and a quick jaunt to CMoM (another free fun in NYC due to corporate perks) yesterday 😦

Last weekend was a wee bit more exciting. The heatwave saw us heading to American Museum of Natural History (free – yay for corporate perks!) for refuge. We discovered the Arthur Ross Terrace at the Columbus Ave end of the museum.

Obviously we weren’t prepared for any form of water play, but it was nice and warm hot and I was wearing a maxi dress that could be used to dry C if needed. And we had an empty mini bottle that she used to collect water. Off she went in her nappy!

Attempting to step on the jet
Collecting water


We weren’t the only ones taking advantage of the water-weather combi


Uh-oh might not be the best idea there little lady!

And here’s a short of vid of her getting hit straight in the face by the jet of water. She did this to herself at least 4 times!

Obligatory photo in the Discovery Room

On a separate note, it’s 3 days before our first Caribbean holiday. After the crazy 3-weeks long / 12-hour days I’ve had, I am so looking forward to having only to decide what to eat for  days in Turks and Caicos.


2 thoughts on “:: Weekends :: Arthur Ross Terrace @ AMNH

  1. Loved your “maxi dress” rationale – the bub has a fab Mommy who doesn’t think twice about wearing a drenched getup, just so she can enjoy her waterplay 🙂

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