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In the last 3 years we have moved 3 times; when we were expecting, when C was barely 3 months and again last October. It looks like there’s another one this November when our lease comes up.

On Mother’s Day we had a crazy idea and set in motion a plan that could drastically change our lives. And now we play the waiting game.

Even if our plan does not materialise (we have tried our best, if it fails it is by no fault of our own but bureaucratic bullshit) , we are leaving Manhattan. I cannot stomach paying close to USD 5k a month on rent. I love the apartment, the neighbourhood and the proximity to Central Park; it is getting hard to justify pissing this money down the drain. Not to mention the additional tax (2% I think, can’t remember) to live in Manhattan.

So there. I’ve realised my dream of living in NYC. Don’t get me wrong, I love the city; having lived here, I really can do without the crazies (this city has SOOOO many). I can do without people asking for money on the subway (at least one soliloquy a day) and on the streets.

We are not moving all that far, possibly just across the Hudson to the Mile Square City. We won’t be the “cool kids” anymore but I appreciate saving (or redirecting) the extra 1-1.5K. We are also thinking of getting a car (stupidly expensive in the city) when we move so that we can drive out to the slopes come ski season (very excited).

Anyhoodle, changes are definitely in store for us. The main thing I will miss is Clover’s (stupidly expensive) childcare. She (and we) loves her teachers. C has really flourished in the last 5 months. The school is bright and airy, with even its own roof top terrace (with sprinklers!! they get water play every Wednesday in the summer). I hope we find something that matches up in HB. I also have the added headache to think about school for her since I think we might have to start applying this September to start next fall (oh-effing-joy).

Here’s a blast from the past:

June 2011
June 2011


June 2012
June 2012


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