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With the sis and bub

My sister (and brother-in-law) are in town; it was our last weekend together and I’m already sad about them leaving on Wednesday :((((

Why do good times pass so quickly?

I share an extremely close relationship with The Sister; it hadn’t always been the case but we grew up and grew closer. I cannot imagine not having a sister to bitch and grouse with over oceans and timezones. She’s my sounding board and pillar of support when I come across hurdles; and I, hers.

And so I feel a little sad for C not having a sibling. I know it’s not a good reason but being the kid-averse person that I am, it’s my only reason.

I suppose I can only leave it up to God and nature if we may be so bless to have another.

P.S. I think C would make a kick-arsed Big Sis. Anyone (and everyone) would be so lucky to have her in their lives.


2 thoughts on “:: Life :: Siblings

    1. Thanks Clara. According to the husband she is very much a mini-me including temperament. I foresee many battles in the years ahead.

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