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:: Editorial :: Happy Birthday to ME!

Pardon the radio silence; life got in the way of late. 2 days ago I was ready to share a huge piece of news; just when we thought we had it in the bag, we lost it (no I am not pregnant). Yesterday was frankly the worst afternoon. I am still trying to get over the disappointment, the emotional drain.

Anyhoodle… it’s my birthday today and I am having a quiet day all on my own. C is off at daycare and Mr. P is off to work with a regulatory exam to take later this afternoon. I will be picking C up this evening and head out for an early dinner in C’s words, “as a family together”.

I am trying to get out of this funk with some blessings counting (and cheer myself up with daytime tv hah!)…

At the heart of it, I am so glad to have this man to share my world with; my love, my rock. There is no one else I’d rather be with.

Just us in Central Park (C was in the stroller that we were pushing).

I have a wonderful sister who, despite the thousands of miles and 12 hours time difference that separate us, would listen to my bitching. She stepped in when we needed assistance even when Mr. P would not let her have C as collateral (j/k). Can’t wait to see you in June.

And of course, the funny-crazy-smart-opinionated-energizer-bunny who makes everyone around her happy. She’s brought joy to not only Mr. P and I but all 3 sets of grandparents and most definitely my sister.

Worry not, she is/will not be spoilt; she does her weekly chores with us. I think her favourite is either laundry or “polish(ing) the furniture with dada”.

My reluctant photography subject

The thing about crossing over to the “wrong side of 30” is life has never been better (despite the hiccup last night). I live in a city I love, a city I felt at home in from Day ONE. I never felt the same way about HK in the 7.5 years there but that’s a story for another time. I have a man I love, a daughter who is a gift, my family who always supports me and friends who care. And it’s pretty cool that I enjoy what I do even if it’s not curing cancer.

Today, I celebrate life, I celebrate me.  


10 thoughts on “:: Editorial :: Happy Birthday to ME!

  1. Happy birthday babe!! Hope you had a lovely one! Didn’t realise your birthday is so close to mine! Go the May babies eh! 🙂

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