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April 20, 2013

This picture has nothing to do with the post; just that I love this photo from the weekend past.

Between being the subject of dealing with some tussle at work and the sad state of how much my hard earned cash is going toward lazy sods rather than education of the underprivileged the needy of America, I needed to scratch that travel itch.

So… We’ve got a few trips planned this year with the major one in September coinciding with the SG GP, which we will try to finally watch live!

May 17-19 will see us in Philly and Mr. P running up the steps of the Art Museum ala Rocky. (This has now been postponed to June as we couldn’t find a decent hotel available that weekend!!)

– Off to DC on Memorial Day weekend

– Our new country (the only one sob!!) for the year, Turks & Caicos, at the end of July when our sitter is off to see her grandmother in the Bahamas.

– Back to HK / SG in September to catch up with friends and family.

I suppose we will also try to head upstate to the Adirondack and Pocono Mountain in Pennsylvania sometime. I’d like to head out to the Hamptons for a summer weekend but it’s stupidly expensive (try USD 700 per night)!

Oh and next winter we are definitely doing a ski / snowboarding trip somewhere (Vale please!).

This country is full of possibilities if only I can could each state as a new country!

P.S. What are some of your favourite cities in North America / Carribean for a long weekend?

P.P.S. For our mandatory vacation next year, we are doing a west coast road trip from Seattle to San Diego. I can hardly wait.


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