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:: Weekends :: Spring has Sprung

Signs of life

It finally feels like Spring in NYC…  For the first time in almost 5 months, I walked out the door with bare legs!

We took advantage of the gorgeous weather this weekend. Saturday saw us down in Soho for brunch; we finally made it to Jane (don’t bother, it was underwhelming). We took a stroll around the area and C found herself with a new bubble gun. After her nap, we were out in Central Park playing with her new toy.

Today it was off to C’s favourite place in the city – Tisch’s Children Zoo in Central Park. Little missy walked all the way across the park and was basking in the sunlit marvel of spring.

Oh Spring, how I’ve missed you!
A walk through the park

C has taken to the goats because they are the most interactive (or greedy) bunch compared to the alpacas and sheep.

Nom nom nom
“It tickles!”

At one point, missy got territorial; she tried to stop other kids from feeding HER goat. She got one of them in a strangle hold trying to pull it away from the outstretched arm of a little boy!

“Don’t feed MY goat!”

We found a bistro on 61st and Lex for a lunch break. It was pretty good, far better than our Jane lunch the previous day. After food, we tooked a 35 block stroll up to 96th before cutting through the park. And this is what we saw:

Baseball season is in session

I suppose at some point we will head up to the Yankee stadium for a day at the ball park.

Another snap of my city
Jacket – Patrizia Pepe – Shirt – Club Monaco : Jeans – Zara : Bag – Mulbury

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