Bub Talk

:: Bubba :: Daddy’s Girl?

Not in this household! C is OBSESSED with Mama.

While she has a tonne of fun with Dada and is extremely close to Mr. P, nothing comes even close to Mama’s standing in her eyes.

Mama kisses
Mama kisses


Her first sound/word was Mama; way before she could flip (she’s a late flipper, early talker).

Feeding mama some craft balls!

Every morning when we finally lets her out of her room she comes into our room and stands on her step by my side of the bed. She says “Mama” in the sweetest little voice before climbing over me into bed with us. She also loves holding my cheeks at 6 in the morning shouting into my face “wake up Mama!!!!”

One of her favourite activites is taking a siesta with Mama; often sleeping on Mama’s shoulder / arm / tummy!

Somedays (okay most days) I wish she’s a daddy’s girl just so I don’t have a mini-me attached me while trying to do a million things at the same time. I suppose if she is anything like me, there is no easy way of changing her mind!


One thought on “:: Bubba :: Daddy’s Girl?

  1. This is a really sweet post!
    I just know my lil girl will inherit my stubborn personality and it will be challenging in her growing-up years (when we quarrel), so I’m making it a point to document how much I love her in words and pictures 🙂

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