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:: BigApple :: The Most Exciting City in the World

Curled up on the floor watching The Wiggles (and feeling sorry for herself)

And that’s all we’ve been doing for most of last week.

Clover caught the flu (it’s at pandemic levels here on the UWS) at the start of the long weekend and I got it from her half way through. We spent most of last week in bed; no exploration of the city whatsoever!

I went back to work last Thursday even though I had barely recovered just so I could get out of the house. Mr. P had to take over the childcare duty since C was still ill and he had a weaker variant of the bug.

On Friday he threw a man-trum at me. Guess now he finally understood my view of being a (sick) SAHM!

Anyhoodle, we are all on the road to recovery, I’m the only one who is still fairly ill (AND having to work AND take care of C’s needs). Cherry on top: Mr. P had to work late last night and this evening!

Hopefully this weekend will be a lot more exciting!

In bed with mama & dada all week, grabbing sleep when the temp dips

6 thoughts on “:: BigApple :: The Most Exciting City in the World

  1. hahahahahah a mantrum! 🙂 im gonna use that word on daniel! 🙂 hope you guys are much much better by now! happy chinese new year in advance love! x

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