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2.5 weeks into the new year, we have our working-parents-no-help (sorta on the no help bit) routine down pat.

6.30am: I drag myself out of bed and hop in the shower.

6.45pm: Mr. P’s turn while I slap on my SKII miracle water and lather moisturizer everywhere before prepping breakfast for C (and sometimes us).

7-7.15 am: Pick C up from her room into ours. She has her milk in “mama’s bed” while I change and dry my hair. Mr. P is out of the bathroom, dresses himself and helps with dressing C.

7.15-7.50 am: Out the door and off to the subway. Mr. P kisses us goodbye at the station as he takes the express train and we the local. 50th St, I drop C off at daycare, say our goodbyes and “I love you”s in 3 languages. I get into work after.

7.50 am – 5.30 pm: C is at daycare while mama and dada are at work! Some days if Mr. P is over at my office building, we grab lunch together.

5.30-7 pm: our wonderful (and regular) sitter picks her up most days and brings her home, gives her a snack and play with her till we get home.

7-7.30pm: Family dinner.

7.30-8pm: Bubble bath time with dada.

8-8.30pm: Cuddles, story and quiet time with mama and dada in our bed before we drop her off in her room.

8.30-11 pm: I prep her lunch and snack for daycare for the next day, Mr. P tries to
helps. We unwind with some TV, wine, web surfing, etc. Off to bed by 11pm.

Rinse and repeat the next morning at 6.30am!!


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