:: Editorial :: 2012 going on 2013

It’s that time to take stock of the 12 months that passed and to set new resolution(s) for the new year.

My 2012 report card feels like a C; I’ve nothing much to show for other than 6 weeks of paid work and being Mama. If I were to be less harsh on myself, I guess I deserve a B for having kept C alive, weaned her and packed up 7.5 years of my life (6 years of Mr. P’s and 21 months of C’s) to move across continents.

P.S. It’s amazing how much stuff we accumulated during our time in HK!


2013 Inspiration

After almost a month of living amongst boxes and having to throw out / give away a lot of it, I’m dedicating 2013 to living mindfully.

In this age of conspicuous consumption and having moved to the land of the (cheap and) free (shipping / returns), I’m determined to cut back on unnecessary spending. I do not want C to grow up feeling entitled or care more about material goods than anything else.

Oh and of course I don’t ever want to unpack 127 boxes ever again!!


The theme of 2013 is to live more purposefully. With work and not having the luxury of a domestic helper, I need to stop whiling my hours away on the Internet. I suppose my resolution key focus is:

Be kinder, gentler and more patient to myself, Mr. P and C

And of course I pray for good health for everyone because really it is the most important thing for anyone.

Happy New Year!


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