:: NYC Eats :: Le Pain Quotidien, 5 Napkin & Chez Jess

My two loves

Le Pain Quotidien

This was where our weekend started (3 Park Ave branch).

Promo shot

C loves the pain aux raisins (and she says it properly too) while I usually have the brioche. Mr. P tried their homemade granola and absolutely loved it. But at USD 7.95+tax for a 12oz (340g) bag (!!), I reckon we’ll be going for homemade by Jess once we move into our UWS apartment!


Various locations throughout the city, we frequent the 3rd Ave as the service apartment is a 3 minute walk away. This locale has more space than the Bryant Park and W80s branches and the feel of a communal dining hall with high ceiling.


5 Napkin Burger

Apologies for the sad photos; it was a late lunch and we were so hungry that we started eating before I remembered to take pictures!

Bacon & Cheddar Burger
(Mr. P ate the tomato slices and lettuce before I remembered to take pics)

Mr. P’s verdict is that 5NB is much better than The Burger Joint (Le Parker Meridien); less greasy and the meat patty was still moist despite being well done (we only do burgers well done).

Turkey Burger
(Had the vinegar peppers changed to caramalized onions)

I had the turkey burger to share with C and so I have nothing to compare with against TBJ. I guess I’ll have to go back to try the Original 5NB.

Served with a side of fries (bit soggy)

Not pictured: C’s Parmesan and butter shell pasta which is a nice change from the usual over-cheesy Mac&Cheese. There’s also the usual burgers, hotdogs, chicken tenders on the kids menu. Oh and they have Peroni on draft which was really nice after a hard day’s work.

Various locations. We were at the UWS outlet (2315 Broadway at 84th St). The dining area was large enough to accommodate prams (e.g. Bugaboo Chameleon) and highchairs are available.

Hours: M-F 11.30am to Midnight / S-S 11am to Midnight.


Chez Jess

The cost of eating out in NYC is astronomical, especially with the taxes & tips situation.

Plus I’d like to think we are poor given the tax situation (Govt takes tax directly out of your paycheck based on gross figure with NO consideration of deductions etc, you will then have to file and claim your money back at the end of each tax year!!) so Sunday (and soon Saturday too) breakfast is usually done at home.

I mean breakfast items are cheap and pretty easy to put together, there’s no reason to waste USD30+ for a greasy fry up when I can make a healthier version for less at home. And thank Lord for dishwasher!

C with her breakfast platter – boiled egg, avocado and colby jack cheese + raisins bagel
Close up
TJ OJ, baked beans, cheese omelette, crispy bacon and home-baked french rolls

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