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:: NYC W’ends :: CP Zoo & F.A.O. Schwarz

Last Sunday was one of the coldest days in NYC since we got to town and Mr. P had the bright idea to go to the zoo!

After breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien, we caught the Q/R train up to Central Park (still at our service apartment at 34th & Madison).

Enjoying her sweet corn on the subway

The zoo is tiny! Took us about 45 minutes to go through it, there were a lot of ducks, fish and penguins. One lazy, sleeping polar bear, some red pandas and a few sea lions. I suppose when the weather is warmer, it’s a nice place to spend a quick morning or afternoon with C.

Ducks chilling out
Mr. Sea Lion saying “hi”

The best bit is the children’s petting zoo. Mr. P very generously spent USD 0.50 for some animal feed. C thought the alpacas were “horsies!” They ate out of her hand and let her grab stroke them. And thankfully no spitting at / on us!

Feeding the alpaca
Stroking the alpaca

Next up the sheep! C broke into a rendition of Baa Baa Black Sheep (I didn’t even know she could sing that song) before feeding them.

Baa Baa!

There were also pigs, goats and I-can’t-remember-some-other-animals.

The Central Park Zoo entry costs USD 12 per adult. Since it’s pretty near where we are will be, we stumped up USD 104 (two adults since C is free) for a season pass which also gives us entry to the Bronx Zoo, NY Aquarium, Queens Zoo and Prospect Park Zoo.

Winter Hours: 10am – 4.30pm daily until Mar 2013


The morning excitement wore C out; she took a blissful 2+ hours nap in her pram while Mr. P and I did some shopping, a lot of walking and even a leisurely lunch at 360 Brasserie.

The last activity on our list was a trip to F.A.O Schwarz.

C & I showing off our new mittens / gloves

A fair amount of running around and chasing (she loves being chased!!) later, we took C upstairs to The Big Piano. Seeing the kids jumping and dancing on it, she wanted a go. An indulgent daddy obliged.

“Hurry up already!”

FAO has nothing on the Times Sq Toysrus but just for a chance to jump around on the iconic Big Piano, I’d say take your kids (or yourself) there!

Located at 58th and Fifth, The Big Piano experience is complimentary. Photos are USD 22.


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