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:: Life :: Blessings

Clover playing in Autumn leaves for the first time in Central Park

Having a fabulous weekend in the Big Apple with my darling Mr. P and ‘Lil C-monster. She’s back in her own bed (and room) which makes me sane & happy again.

We are all chilling out on the couch (C’s napping, Mr. P trying to stay awake) and I got to thinking how thankful I am that life has turned out the way it did. It may not be as straightforward as I would like but we got here eventually.

I’m so super blessed; a wonderful husband, a smart & funny daughter, living in my dream city and waiting to kick start a fab career.

Weeks before turning 25 I met Mr. P and boldly (I was inebriated) asked him to delay my start date (he was going to be my bosses’ boss) because “I want to go to NYC; I’ve never been and it’s my dream to see it before I turn 30”. He matched my request and raised me two weeks if I let him take me.

Five years later, we are living (a modified version of) my dream – we are building a life in NYC.

I really need to quit whining and count my blessings; I’ve done some crazy stuff and have more than landed on my feet. I’ve seen a fair bit of the world and will see more in the next few years. I have a great relationship with my mum and my dear sister; my husband and child are crazy affectionate.

Our first American Thanksgiving is in 4 days. I guess I really have a lot to be thankful for!

P.S. Our service apartment is 2 blocks from Macy’s I wonder if we should head over to catch the annual parade procession?


3 thoughts on “:: Life :: Blessings

  1. Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving! 🙂
    What a wonderful new chapter it is in your life. Looking forward to reading more about your Big Apple adventures!

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