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Home Sweet Home

After viewing close to 40 apartments over 6 days, we have finally signed the lease to our home for the next 12 months.

The apartment is about 10-15 blocks further north than I would like but the space we get for our budget is unparelled. There is a proper dining area and the lounge is big enough to accomodate a play area for C. Her room fits her existing furniture (cot, change table, gilder) and a double sofabed.

Additionally, we are 1.5 blocks away from the express train downtown and a cross town bus is a block north. It takes me 25 minutes door-to-door to get to work and C’s daycare; it’s a block from Central Park which we would be spending our weekends at once winter is over.

Now the fun begins, furniture shopping and decorating! Some of the items we need to acquire:

– 6-seater dining set

– couple of big rugs for the lounge and rooms

– a 2-seater sofabed

– Kitchen Aid

– Coffee table (maybe)

– Cushions!! (you can never have too many)

P.S. Does anyone has furniture / home furnishing recommendations in NYC? Highly appreciated!


5 thoughts on “:: BigApple :: Hello Home!

  1. I love me some ABC Carpet & Home action! Prices will have you kicking yourself for not having visited Bali with an empty container on your last trip, but you can always find yourself a gem or three!

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