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:: Life :: Sandy

Unless one is living under a rock, I’m sure everyone has heard how Sandy kicked NYC’s (and cities along the US atlantic coast) bottom.

When we found out about the impending super storm late last week, I wondered to Mr. P if our flights would be cancelled. He didn’t think lightning (ignore the pun) would strike twice; last year our NYC flight met with the freak October snow storm and we were stuck on a plane for 22 hours, diverted to Toronto and got to JFK 24 hrs behind schedule.

We are still in HK, so I guess NYC-weather-us aren’t mates!

Mr. P received a “flight cancelled” email as the movers were packing up our lives; it was a scramble to get new flights booked and an extended stay at the W sorted.

At noon yesterday, we were told all Mon / Tues flights to JFK were cancelled, the rest of the week until Sun were provisionally cancelled. We are now booked to fly next Monday. I suppose it’s much better being in HK than stuck in cold NYC not knowing many people or having supplies.

My prayers and thoughts go out to the friends and their families in NYC / east coast cities affected, hope everyone stayed safe and warm.

And the lesson from this storm will hopefully be better preparedness for any future extreme weather conditions.

One of the most commendable things about HK is the city’s ability to cope in face of such situations. People here take weather warnings especially seriously since we get a fair number of rain storms and typhoons annually.

An acquaintance (Singaporean) once commented it was a shame that she missed the exciting weather as it had occurred before her trip, I retorted that this is NOT child’s play, people die. Seriously, Singaporeans who are so ignorant should be thrown in jail (just to teach them a lesson I suppose).


4 thoughts on “:: Life :: Sandy

  1. yes much better to be stuck here in HK than in NY at this time. things are slowly going back to normal but there’s a gas shortage in many parts of lots of people still have no internet, heat or electricity. here’s hoping that things will be a bit more stable by the time you leave.

    btw i land a week from Friday at 1030pm, so i’ll be seeing you in the city too 🙂

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