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:: BigApple :: Hit the ground running



We leave HK this coming Tuesday.

There’re plenty to be done; can you tell I am doing my best to procrastinate?

Anyhoodle, our first order of business is to sort out the annoying nitty gritty adminy stuff. There will be a whole lot of running around, cursing at inept, ridiculous polices and hair-pulling frustrations…

Day 1: Social security, bank accounts, cell phones and slot in a time to catch up with Bev and her brood.

Day 2: Check out 3 daycare options for Clover and hopefully sort out the jetlag.

Day 3: One more daycare open house and apartment hunting

Day 4 & 5: More apartment hunting and if we are lucky, sign a lease

Wish us luck!

P.S. Mr. P starts work on Monday (day 7) and I am back to being a SAHM eek!!


4 thoughts on “:: BigApple :: Hit the ground running

    1. Thank you. No our DH isn’t coming with. C is going into daycare when I start work. We can’t afford to take her over AND get a 3 bedroom apartment in Manhattan. Minimum wage is a killer!

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