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Balenciaga Collection c May 2008

My love affair with Balenciaga started in mid 2007 with the 2007 Jaune D’or City (Classic Hardware). I got my sister into the craze and we bought and sold many bags over the next 12 months.

Half of those bags in the pictures have been sold and for a long time now, there was no need additions. With the ongoing quality control issues, rapidly increasing prices and over-popularity, I was unwilling to waste limited resources on a new Balenciaga.

I was telling my sister the only Balenciaga missing from my collection is a Weekender; we reminicsed about a 2008 Anthracite one which I passed on in Balenciaga Singapore. Luck would have it that a week ago, a fellow bag lover was selling her yummy 2005 Black Weekender for peanuts (GBP 600). Of course, it’s part of my wardrobe now!

With the move and basically living in a bombsite, an updated collection picture will have to come when I get to NYC. Here’s what I own…

Balenciaga Collection October 2012

2002 F/W Black Flat Brass First – Classic Hardware

2007 Pre-S/S Vert Gazon First – Classic Hardware

2007 Pre-F/W Tomato First – Classic Hardware

2007 F/W Jaune D’or City – Classic Hardware

2008 Pre-S/S Electric Bleu Work – Classic Hardware

2008 F/W Charbon Besace Hobo (reissue of 2001-02 Hobo) – Classic Hardware

2005 S/S Black Weekender – Classic Hardware

2007 Pre-F/W Tomato Pouchette – Classic Hardware

2008 S/S Black Envelope Clutch – Giant 21 Silver Hardware

2008 Pre-S/S Bubblegum Coin Purse – Giant 12 Gold Hardware

2009 Pre-F/W Raisin Coin Purse – Classic Hardware

2009 F/W Pommier Coin Purse – Classic Hardware

2010 S/S Canard Ballet Flats – Classic Hardware

I’ve thrown away a couple of items because they were so well used/worn – 2006 F/W Red & Black Mens Card Case, 2010 Pre S/S Sorbet Ballet Flats.

This is it; I am finally Bal-content.

P.S. I am very, very tempted with the Pre F/W Mangue. It’s a lovely mellow yellow colour and of the 8-10 pieces (told you I’m tempted) I’ve touched, all of them have awesome leather!


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