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:: Bubba :: Torture

C caught a bug over the weekend; I’m not sure where she got it from. Was it Thursday at Early Adventures where one of her classmates had a snotty nose? Was it Friday at Playtimes? Saturday at the doctor’s when I made Mr. P take her in to get some piriton or at the pool afterwards?

Who knows?

One thing for sure she’s absolutely miserable all of yesterday and barely ate (2 tablespoons of white rice was all she managed). She also has diarrhea which meant I cut out milk from her diet (and we are singlehandedly keeping Pampers in profit!). I spent the day being her prisoner; the 30 minutes (in total) that I took to feed myself she whined and fussed throughout. And sleep last night was non-existent!

It’s still not over!!! This morning when she finally ate some crackers and plain noodles and started playing with F, I thought we she was on the mend. So I took 30 minutes away from her to drop off her stool sample at the doc’s and for a cup of tea; when I came home she was all supergluey and miserable again. Now I’m stuck sitting up writing this on a small-@rse iPhone while she naps on me. Oh joy.


2 thoughts on “:: Bubba :: Torture

  1. Children are super clingy when they are ill. I really hate it when they get diarrhoea. My daughter is having a fever now after her vaccination. Thank goodness it’s her last one for a long while so I understand.

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