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:: Jetset :: The September Flurry

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We have a whirlwind month ahead. Not only are we hosting visitors, we have 2 longhaul trips as well!

Sep 2-6 : My best friend visits

Sep 4: My last day at work

Sep 6-11: NYC trip for Mr. P and I sans bubba (our first first trip in 19 months without her; I’m sure I’ll be missing her like crazy but it’s too good a chance to pass up)

Sep 8-15: My mum and sis are here to spend time with C while we are away.

Sep 13 – 30: France – Switzerland trip

Yep I get to see my mum & sis for a day before we have to go again. But at least they will get to spend time with C, before we fly half way around the world. I am leaving C in the capable hands of my helper on their own for all of Thursday, Friday and most of Saturday. I am not going to lie; I am a tad apprehensive. Frankly, I have no reason to as for the last 6 weeks, F has done very well taking care of C while I am away at work all day.


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