:: Editorial :: New York, New York

Mr. P and I circa June 2007

It’s an old story by now; 5 weeks after we met Mr. P and I took off to NYC where our romance began (it was the first time he said “I love you”). A week after that I met his dad, mum, step-dad, 2 half brothers and a whole bunch of Irish relatives but that’s another story. We celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary with our almost 9 month old there last year. And now, the story of us (plus one) shall continue under the bright lights of the Big Apple.

This is the change that I can finally reveal.

The opportunity surfaced sometime in May but I didn’t think it would materialise. Mr. P was not keen on moving west. He was also adamant about getting his PR (Aug 2013); he wouldn’t even consider a move to Singapore until then.

I guess somehow the stars and elements aligned and we found ourselves at the US Consulate early Tuesday morning where we were granted our visas to make the offer official.

Mr. P will make a number of sacrifices for my dream (predominantly), my career and our family life; for this I will be eternally grateful.

There you have it: a girl from very humble beginings who, without Singapore and her policies, will not get to where she is today. If I was born anywhere else into my family (working class), I might not have made it with a world class education or been given the opportunities I had.

So dare to daydream, one day it may just come true.


13 thoughts on “:: Editorial :: New York, New York

  1. congratulations, and fun fun fun! i lived there for a long time and have lots of friends who are there…let me know if you need any help at all. best of luck!

    1. It’ll be great if you could connect me with some of your mates. I’ve heard how much harder it is for people to make friends as compared to HK. Much appreciated babe!

      1. Not a problem! Shoot me an email. Perhaps we can squeeze in a quick meet as well if you can manage it..would love to meet you before you jet!

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