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Day 5 and I’m blogging on my iPhone in the ferry on the way to work.

I’ve always known I work better with deadlines, especially looming ones. This whole working mum thing is basically one big deadline that resets every morning; kinda like my personal ground hog day.

Everyday I’m rushing; to spend time with C, get out of the house, finish work on time, get back to put her down, etc. Glutton for punishment anyone?

Our morning schedule: up at 6am for a shower before I pick C up from her room for a quick suckle (yup we are still nursing). We play in my room till about 7.15-7.30 am; she plays with my GHD while I do a quick blow dry and we brush our teeth together. She goes to the lounge and I’m back upstairs to change and kiss Mr. P goodbye (yup he is still in bed). I grab breakfast and get on the 8.06 bus to the pier for the 8.15 ferry. I would walk it just not during summer. In the office by 9am.


For the last 4 days, I left by 6.10pm and getting home for C’s bedtime. I’m hoping this will last for the next 6 months.

Our transition wasn’t without bumps; more later, time to get off the ferry.

Here’s C looking mightily adorbs!



One thought on “Glutton

  1. Working mums are awesome.. lol because it’s no mean feat having to juggle that balancing act between so many hats.. And remain sane. At the same time, it’s so liberating to be getting away from being a mom part of the day and just being you. I’m certainly not that type of full time SAHM mother and I love my part time working arrangement. So good on you for taking this new change. C is looking so pretty!

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