: : Life : : Afoot

Life happened and so it seems there are changes afoot in our household; minor to start with but it could lead to something major.

For one, C started drop-off playgroup (2hr45min) on Wednesday, there were tears (just hers) but she didn’t seem worse for wear. Today is day 2 and I am having my helper, F, drop her off instead and a I am picking her up early. We are currently only doing 2 days a week but come September, she might be going all 5 days. It costs an arm for a ❤ hr session but it’s a better option than having her at home with 2-on-1 attention. She has to learn the world does not revolve around her; the sooner the better.

The other changes will be revealed in time, I am praying it will do our family good and that I haven’t already jinxed things by writing them here. His will be done. Amen!


4 thoughts on “: : Life : : Afoot

  1. All the best!

    And I agree with you re teaching the kid that the world does not revolve around him/her. Have plans to put A in daycare eventually so that he doesn’t become a spoilt little brat.

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