Bub Talk


Round 1

Clover 1 : Mummy 0

Me is boss. How dare you not give me boobie!

So it seems my ambitious plan of weaning cold turkey has failed. Sorta.

I am a wuss; I gave in because I really couldn’t put up with her “no loving for mama” demeanor. It isn’t all that bad as we are back to only twice a day nursing- <5 minute bedtime and <15 morning. Peace is restored, she is back to her mama-is-numero-uno self and I am happy.


2 thoughts on “#fail

  1. Aww…but you know what, as long as you are happy!
    And it is still possible to get pregnant when you are breastfeeding. My hypnobirthing instructor told us that you will ovulate as long as you drop the night feeds. Plus, a girlfriend got pregnant with #2 when she was still bf-ing.

    Good luck!
    (I don’t even dare to think about having a #2 – too exhausting!)

    1. I am unfortunately one of the unlucky ones – we’ve stopped night feeds since she was maybe 10 months (she is now almost 17 months) but still no period. Different folks different strokes

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