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:: BubTalk :: Where do I even start?

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It’s no secret that despite the scarily difficult experience with our first-born, Mr. P and I are would love a second baby. Bad news from my gynecologist, Dr. H, during my check up yesterday; in his words, “your uterus wall lining is thin and your ovaries seem a little too quiet”. Simply put, there is no way in hell I am getting pregnant.

This is extremely frustrating because we have been trying for a good 10 months now; Clover came barely 3 months after I got off 10 years worth of birth control pills. With friends and their dogs pregnant or having given birth, we must have missed the baby dust trucks!

There is a very simple first step solution to (try to) rectify this – STOP BREAST FEEDING COMPLETELY. And so I was forced to take this drastic measure of cutting C off cold turkey.

I am not going to lie; it’s horrible even if I am was only nursing her 2-3 times a day (of which the bed time suckle was more for comfort than sustenance). There were tears, both hers and mine 😦 (Wait, do hormones come into play when weaning?

C being the stubborn ox strongwilled girl spent most of today alternating between whining and ignoring me; perhaps to punish me for restricting her access to “boobie boobie boobie!!!”. Admittedly, I am a bit of a drama queen but it sure felt like all my nightmares were coming true. She cried in my arms when I took her away from my helper and then proceeded to attempt to leap out of my arms towards her. FML.

I’d like to say C is officially weaned off the boobs but it’s barely 34 (oh look who is counting?) hours since she last nursed. I am not even sure if we would relapse, especially with a couple of trips coming up.

Anyhoodle, here’s to hoping my insides start functioning and that time of the month would come soon. Else I am back to the doc’s for more tests. Or maybe we are just not destined to be blessed with another.



9 thoughts on “:: BubTalk :: Where do I even start?

  1. Hang in there! Although I heard that bf doesn’t really have much of an effect on fertility. But it could be a reason too! I’ve tried cold turkey but I gave up after in less than 1.5 days.. I couldn’t take her pitiful cries 😦 and for that, I’m still bf her at almost 17 months!!

    1. Oh really? It’s a natural contraception up until 3-6 months. After that, because of decreases in number and length of times, it no longer works. But C is a comfort suckler – we feed for 40 mins each day feed. Night feed is like 15-20 mins. We went from 7 feeds a day to 2-3 feeds and I still didn’t get my period. No ovulation = can’t get pregnant. Maybe I am just one of those unfortunate ones who need to stop completely 😦

    1. C actually took the bottle from day 5 up until she was 3 months. Total rejection since then. She finally started drinking milk from a straw cup from about a year old. But she absolutely adores boobie. And she has been punishing me (totally breaking my heart) for the last 3 days.

      1. The good thing is, she’s not likely to grow up remembering you with-held Boobie from her.
        You both have to bear with the separation for the greater good 🙂

  2. *sprinkle loads of baby dust your way* relax and don’t be too stressed about it yeah? hopefully once you stop, the stork will soon come! 🙂 Good luck.

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