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2012 Birthday – Instagram snaps

As mentioned previously, Mr. P and I spent a glorious 30 hours away from the bub. He left work early on Monday so that we could drive over to Shatin. Thanks to google map, we didn’t get too lost lol.

We had a lovely dinner at Shatin 18, followed by drinks at TinTin Bar (lychee martini for me / negroni for him after a long hiatus from both drinks). When we got back to the room I didn’t even notice the BIG bouquet of flowers from Mr. P – he hinted by sniffing the air loudly but silly me thought he was going to sneeze. We were in bed (and I conked out) by 11pm. Not the best night’s sleep because 1)my boobs were uncomfortably full, 2) the bed was not firm enough and 3) the pillows were too hard!

The next morning started with a lovely breakfast at the Cafe; one of my favourite hotel breakfast buffets. I was off to the spa for 2.5 hrs of pampering while Mr. P hit the pool to top up his tan. I joined him briefly after my treatment before we checked out and head to Elements for a late lunch. Then it was time to head home for birthday cuddles from C (she ignored me for a good 30 minutes, perhaps to “punish” me for leaving her).

View from our room
Hyatt Regency Room
Our favourite dish from Shatin 18
Lychee Martini & Negroni
Birthday ODJ
Us by the pool
Tough life

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