2012 Destination Sydney: Fever Pitch!

I didn’t do much research for our Sydney trip because I was in this cycle of falling sick, recovering and being down again. We had a rough itinerary which I made changes to 2 hours before departing! Talk about being last-minute; we shelved our Port Stephens plans to gain a free day and an extra night in the Blue Mountains.

And thank God I insisted that we skip the north bound trip because C came down with an UNEXPECTEDLY HIGH FEVER – 39.5 degrees at the highest point.

Before her fever episode, it was off to Taronga Zoo on Day 3 via the ferry down at Circular Quay (pier 2). Unfortunately for us, it was an overcast morning, we couldn’t take much advantage of the scenic ride to the zoo 😦

A super grumpy C because she was stuck in the pram for our walk from The Westin to Circular Quay
In a slightly better mood
Much happier with mama!
The Opera House with the threat of rain looming
Harbour Bridge
The sun comes out

I wore jeans that day as it was overcast when we left the hotel; the air was quite chilly to start with too. But minutes after the ferry departed, the sun came out shinning and would do so ALL DAY. I was so freaking hot in my jeans argh!!

Mr. & Mrs. P

Upon alighting from the ferry, we took the Sky Safari (cable car and yes you can bring your pram into it) up to the top of the zoo (situated on a hill and so the easier way would be to go up and trek down). Alternatively, you can take the bus or a short 10-15 min walk to the lower gates (but that means you will have to walk uphill to see the attractions). And our first stop was to see the KOALAS!! (again I know).

Postcard perfect?
Koala checking me out

We took a slow stroll through the various enclosures (C got to pet a reptile, a cow and a goat, chased birds and chickens ), breaking for lunch as C napped in her pram, probably tired from her fever which we hadn’t realised she was running. She felt warmer than usual but Mr. P we assumed it was from the heat. We didn’t manage to get through the whole zoo since she got progressively  after lunch and of course she felt a lot warmer at which point I insisted we head back.

Asleep in the pram, probably tired from her fever
Dada with grumpy bubba

C had a fever of 38.5 when we finally measured her temp back at the hotel, she was not a happy camper. Her temperature rose despite Calpol and sponging (she absolutely hates it); she spent the night in her diapers and glued to my boobs. She woke up at least once every hour fussing because of the discomfort; even boobie juice couldn’t get her to settle. We didn’t have ibuprofen (bought it the next morning) which would have brought down her temp a lot quicker. Lesson learnt: these days I travel with a bottle of ibuprofen in place of paracetamol based fever meds.

Anyhoodle she seems a lot better the next morning although her temp was going up and down for the next 2 days but it didn’t get as high as the previous night. We never found out what was the cause of her fever; she took her MMR vaccine 11 days prior, she was sprouting a new tooth and didn’t have any other symptom.

Sick and in bed on Day 4

We were meant to head to Manly on Tuesday to avoid the weekend crowd but because of her illness we had to defer the outing and thankfully we had that extra Saturday to do so. If we hadn’t shelved the Port Stephens plans it would mean getting into a car and driving 4 hours that morning!! C wouldn’t have appreciated at all, especially in her very tender, moppy state (she hates the car seat). She was well enough for us to head out for lunch and so we headed to Westfield Tower for lunch and to check out the Sydney Tower Eye (we had tickets as part of the combo pass but don’t bother, it’s not all that impressive).

C in her totseat during lunch at the Westfield food court
Tender (and at times grumpy) bubba with mama
View from Sydney Tower Eye

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