2012 Destination Sydney: Day 2 @ Wildlife Sydney

After lunch C’s our adventure continued at Wildlife Sydney, where C and Mr. P got to pet a Koala for the first time. C goes a little cray cray when she sees butterflies, birds or anything furry.


The trail started out from the Butterfly Tropics which was great for C but not so much for me. Little known fact: I dislike flying things – butterflies, birds and bugs. After capturing a few shots of daddy and the bub, I took off ahead, straight out of the enclosure. According to Mr. P, C apparently freaked out a little when a butterfly landed on her arm; too bad I was nowhere near to snap a photo 😦


We continued onto the Gumtree Valley and Wallaby Cliffs, where we caught napping koalas and hopping (?) wallabies:

Napping koalas (behind Mr. P’s left shoulder)
Emu (??)
Getting upclose with some lizards


Then it was off to The Outback for some kangaroo feeding session. Because C was too young, she wasn’t allowed into the enclosure but Mr. P made sure she was front and centre…

Kangaroo feeding time!
C spotted mama!


And finally we headed off for the main purpose of our visit – KOALAS!!! I didn’t know NSW has outlawed the carrying of Koalas (well it’s been 17 years since I last visited) so we had to be contented with mere petting (C stroked the Koala’s bottom!).

First a cuddle with a fake Koala


Relaxing with dada after a long day

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