Just Jess

Trials & Tribulations

I’m not the most religious person but I believe in a private relationship (I don’t preach) between The Big Guy and I.

Things haven’t gone my way for quite sometime now and I am finding it hard to keep faith. I feel like He blesses everyone but me; my prayers have fallen on deaf ear. The sister has advised that I should pray for faith. And that everything will happen on His time.

Guess I am off to practice “Let God”. In the meantime I should take heart in being afforded the time to bond with bubba (thank you Mr. P) and to further Pilates.

Here’s what little missy narcissist-vain-pot gets up to:

Saying hi to herself (top left), checking herself out (top right), trying to hug her reflection (bottom left), and finally kissing herself (bottom right)


Just squeezing in another pic:


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