2012 Destination Sydney: Day 2 @ The Aquarium

Day 2 (like any other) started bright and early with a nice stroll from The Westin to the Sydney Aquarium; a quick breakfast stop at Cafe on Kent (ground floor of the Grand Medina Hotel) which is right across from the harbour.

First view crossing over from the cafe to the harbour


Our combo passes gave us access to both the aquarium and Wildlife Sydney which are next door to each other; we started with the Aquarium. I am not entirely sure if C was into the fishes at all, though I am certain she quite enjoyed being let loose in the carpeted tunnels / walkways.


More interested in her own reflection


Hello fishes!


Something she did a lot of – going at 100mph!



Trying to grab the poor fish


Touching some sort of shell or coral (??)


C got cranky toward the end; her interest in swimming things waned as nap time neared. I We managed to put her down in her pram for a nap as we headed out to lunch, but not before she grabbed her new best friend as we passed through the gift shop.

Enjoying a well deserved glass of vino during lunch as bubba slept in her pram!
Awake and ready for lunch with Mr. Walrus (you can see his bottom half)
Funny faces



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