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ODJ: A night at the ballet

Last night I dragged my long suffering husband to the ballet.

Mr. P is a philistine. He isn’t all that keen on museums even if we have seen many on our travels (Louvre, Hermitage, Vatican, MoMA, Guggenheim, etc); he doesn’t really like plays (remind him too much of Literature classes I bet); is allergic to ballet. He likes musicals though.

I saw Le Trocks with the best friend when they performed in Singapore some 8-10 years ago. I remembered it being a riot and when I saw on HK ticketing in January that they were showing here, I bought the tickets immediately! Up until yesterday afternoon, Mr. P weren’t even sure if he was going to the opera or ballet; the things this man does for love.

Here’s what I wore:


Dress – VAMA Style
Bag – Chanel large (227) black distressed calf with ruthenium hw reissue
Shoes – Moreschi pumps (from 2009 TWIST sale)
Accessories: Mikimoto earrings and Rado watch


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