Bub Talk


Mothers with toddlers must all have post-natal amnesia. Or maybe they are just liars; not wanting to scare the rest of the species from pro-creating. (Okay okay, some of them do have the model eat-sleep-poop-on-schedule baby, so for them there never was a “tough time”.) I’ve had friends, colleagues and acquaintances assuring me that things would be on the upswing once C crosses the 6-week / 3-month / 4-month / 6-month mark.


I thank them for all good intentions but for weeks and months I kept on working toward each calender milestone only to be disappointed when things did not get better / more rewarding / easier. Perhaps if someone had told the truth, I might have sucked it up better. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.



So here it is, the awful truth about the initial difficulty of motherhood:


It doesn’t get better after 3 months, or 6 months; it will only get better when they start walking!

Then, they become really fun. And you can finally reap some rewards of being a mother – hugs, kisses, laughter and more…




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