2012 Destination Sydney: Flight and Day 1 @ Darling Harbour

Happy Baby

You learn pretty fast that when it comes to travelling with a bundle of noise (who can’t quite express herself), even the best of prep sometimes falls short.

I picked what would ordinarily be the perfect flight; we were to depart at 7.05pm which meant after a nosh, C should fall right to sleep. When we boarded a half empty Virgin Atlantic flight, I thought we’d hit the jackpot. The kind and efficient flight attendants quickly made sure we were settled in and even offered to move us after take off to an empty row of 4 seats.

Take off was uneventful (it only becomes an issue if C is over tired) and we moved to an empty row shortly after. C suckled for all of 20 minutes after the move and fell asleep. For the first time, both Mr. P and I could have our inflight meal concurrently (no mean feat!) while C was sprawled between us. We even watched a movie uninterrupted!

Right as I was patting myself on the back for a job well done (everything was going to plan), things went downhill. I really should have known this was too perfect. C woke up and stubbornly refused to go back to sleep; I then had to hold and nursed her for the next 5.5hrs! Major FML!!

Having barely slept in 24 hours, I was not a happy camper. Thankfully Westin was able to check us in at 8am in the morning. After a quick breakfast (and actually most of the flight) where Mr. P nearly had his head bitten off, we took a much needed nap.

Feeling a wee bit better after a kip, we then headed out for lunch and down to Paddington market.
Sidenote: C is not what anyone would call an easy baby; one who can sleep anywhere; which means I am a sleep nazi. She has a relatively strict bedtime of 8pm.
The first day in Sydney was a pretty short one for us given that we needed to get C back for her bedtime routine and for bed. Pretty much after checking out Paddy’s market, we headed over to Darling Harbour / Quarter before meandering our way back to Martin’s Place. It was also the perfect weather to be out in the open spaces for C to run about.

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