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Lil Leaf’s Party

Two Sundays ago, we celebrated Lil Leaf’s first birthday with 18 of her friends and their parents as well as a few of our non-child(ren) raising mates.


Because it’s Winter in HK (threat of temperature dipping to the low teens), we couldn’t hold it on our terrace. We were stuck with no other option* than to pay crazy monies for average food. That said, the venue was perfect. We got a 2000 sq ft function room where one side of it opens out to a terrace. The weather was very kind that day, pretty much high teens throughout.


Mr. P went a little nuts for his little lady. A week before we headed off to SG for CNY, I took him to Simply Love to pick up some balloon bouquets as decorations. We spent 3x more than planned; the looks on our guests’ faces made it worth while I guess. 9 days after, her foil balloon bouquet and elephant walker are still standing.


Having done the cupcake course, I realised how time consuming it was and that I didn’t want to DIY. I ordered bite sized cupcakes and her Clover leaf / ladybug cake from a lady in Discovery Bay. While they tasted good, it was WAY OFF what I had wanted – Awfully Chocolate style fudge cake. And execution of the design (mine) wasn’t up to standard – the leaf wasn’t green enough and the chocolate fudge wasn’t dark enough. How could something so simple be so wrong!


(Mr. P liked the cake A LOT; well until I bought him a slice of Awfully Chocolate’s cake on Wednesday. He realised the difference!)


It was disappointing, especially seeing Pine Garden’s (SG) cakes on my friend’s FB pages.

Clover Leaf Cake


The best decision we made (and money spent) was the entertainment for the kiddies. Clover attends this 45-minute Funfit play learning session twice a week where there are equipment resembling a mobile playgym. We basically paid HKD 800 to rent tunnel set, a bouncy castle, ball pit and a bunch of other toys to be laid out in the function room, along with a BUBBLE MACHINE. All the kids (10 months to 7 years old) enjoyed themselves. FTW!


I didn’t get around to doing much DIY mainly because of laziness and the lack of resources (biggest bane of my life – everything in HK is so freaking expensive or inaccessible). But on the Saturday night before her birthday, Mr. P even got around to helping make her “CLOVER” sign.


The only other hiccup was photos of the event; the lack of it. Since I was playing party planner, host, mother, childminder, I decided not to bother with taking pictures during the event. The only good pics we have are the ones I took (and a friend helped take) during set up and just before the guests arrived. Mr. P’s dad was supposed to be the event photog. He took over 1000+ pics, with barely 2% usable. Le sigh!


I am annoyed because during our conversation on Saturday night (more that he quizzed me on my knowledge knowing that I’d done a workshop), he sold himself to be completely competent. In reality, he couldn’t cut it; insisting on using FULL (and I mean EVERYTHING) manual mode. Really, really cannot make it. He didn’t understand who his subjects were (monkeys who would never hold a pose for more than a split second) and where the light was. It wasn’t just bad; it was HORRENDOUS. Everything was overexposed, I don’t even know where to start salvage operations in photoshop. FML!


Next time, remind me to just spend the money on a pro!


*We live in Discovery Bay on Lantau Island which does not allow private cars. Holding the celebration elsewhere is a logistical nightmare when it comes to transporting goodie bags, my 3-tier serving tray, decorations and presents. Also, a number of Clover’s mates live in DB and so it’s easier for us to hold it in DB.

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