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A Winter’s Day

We have been battling a cold snap for most of last week; night temps dipped to high single digits where we are and day temps weren’t much better given the cloudy, smoggy skies.

HK apartments do not have central heating. Never mind that, they don’t even retain heat! The current pad has more glass surfaces than walls, it’s practically Arctic indoors. The only cosy spot is Clover’s room, which has an oil filled radiator (I we had the foresight to buy some weeks back). Two days of near frozen family jewels (Mr. P’s) later, we are a few Ks poorer but very much toastier!

There was a brief respite from the cold yesterday; an amazingly sunny couple of hours after Lil Leaf’s morning nap. I literally hollered at Mr. P to get dressed and head out ASAP.

The little lady decided she just wanted to be like mama and dada and very willingly wore her shades for the first time.

Seemed that everyone had the same idea; the beach, the plaza and the roads leading there were packed. There was also the DB Flea going on, we picked up the megablok dumper truck for HKD 50 and a FP shape sorter for HKD 10.

All in, a fab Sunday!


7 thoughts on “A Winter’s Day

  1. On contrary, Hubs and I were in HK from 4-9 Jan and we enjoyed the cold weather to the max *grins*. Please excuse the suaku Singaporeans 😛

    But we had a good view of a public swimming pool from where we stayed, and the pool remained considerably empty for most days, but yday, before we checked out, I noticed a whole bunch of people at the pool 🙂

    1. I don’t mind the cold if I can spend all my time under the duvet with a good movie. Not quite the same being dragged out of bed at 6.30am by a crying bub!

    1. Yes, we are in DB. It looks exclusive but isn’t really. You get a little more value for money in terms of property compared to Western Mid-levels on HK island. Plus there’s a lot more outdoor space in DB. It’s quite an odd choice to be in DB for a transit though 🙂

      1. Oh I see.. We popped over to DB for a while only, just for me to see 🙂 spent most of our time eating around IFC area. I’ll add you to my LJ account if you dont mind, still blogging there

      2. Sure re LJ. DB is a place we said “we’d never consider moving”… that is until we had a kid. It also stands for dogs and babies! Majority of the residents here have dogs or babies or both!

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