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Picture This

The original photo won Clover a pair of Pedipeds. This version is a snapshot off FB on my iPhone.

In an effort to do something for myself, I’ve enrolled in a 2-day photography and image processing workshop in February. I’ve always been interested in photography and I much prefer active / participative learning than having to go through the dry manuals / books.


It’ll be two full 9am – 6pm days, with tea and lunch breaks. The photography bit will be done on February 2nd, which means I can put the newly acquired skills into use at Lil Leaf’s 1st birthday party that weekend. On the 9th, I’ll be working with Photoshop Elements and hopefully create some magic. I’m looking forward to making better use of the DSLR.


And another things: this photography thing will come in handy as I’ve got more stuff planned for this space beyond all that baby related rants 🙂


6 thoughts on “Picture This

  1. The photography course sounds great.. enjoy! It will be a nice break for you.
    (our break was going to see MI-4 in Imax last week while my Mom babysat the kids :P)

  2. The last I bugged the Husband to ‘impart’ his photography skills, I only had enough attention span to fiddle with aperture and shutter speed 😛

    Hats off to you to actually taking a course!

    1. I hope the instructor is good, he was abit longwinded on the phone! But at least we’ll be spending most of the first day outdoors taking pictures!

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