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Things I’d like to do better in 2012

  • Be kinder and more patient toward Mr. P.
  • Improve my photography skills.
  • Read at least 24 books this year.
  • Learn to make cupcakes, cake pops and more desserts.
  • Maintain a skincare routine.
  • Exercise more – I want to lose 5 kg by June and be a yummy mummy!
  • Stick to a no carbs after 6pm policy.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff, learn to celebrate the little things.
  • Spend less, save more.

6 thoughts on “Things I’d like to do better in 2012

  1. Thanks for letting me in 🙂

    And I wanna say, u look great in the pics u posted on LJ! Don’t think u have any extra kilos to lose!


  2. “Be kinder and more patient toward Mr. P.”

    i’m usually not a fan of new years resolutions but this is a nice one. actually, i should do the same with my husband 🙂

    1. I realised that I’m always kinder, gentler to people who are not family. And I think it’s about time I treat the husband and my mom and sis better than I treat outsiders. Plus, now that I have the little one observing me, she will pick up on the harsh way I treat her father, so I ought to be a better wife and friend to the hubby!

    1. Considering the fact that we have very similar start to motherhood, I’m not surprised! Lol.

      Well I kinda failed at the first item today; had a go at the husband this morning! I’ll still have 50 weeks to work on it I guess hehe!

  3. Don’t sweat the small stuff is the same thing I keep telling myself, though I’m really terrible at it being a typical Virgo (I can see even the smallest speck of dust on my mirror)! Hope you do better than me!
    And thanks for adding me.

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