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Happy Easter one and all!

We are off to Ireland to see family. I was last there in June 2007 when Mr. P and I first met (I knew him for about 7 weeks at the point and met his immediate family and a cousin, a niece, a nephew, an aunt and an uncle on that trip). I am hoping it doesn’t rain; at least not as much as the last trip.

In any case we are off to Galway for a couple of days and have booked a hotel with a pool, so even if it does rain, Mr. P and C can occupy themselves while I have a spa – WIN-WIN!

Be back soon with the sex no. 2.

:: No. 2 :: Prenatal Care

I am 19 weeks based on my EDD; (could be up to a week further along according to the sonographer who did my nuchal translucency scan) .

I cannot stand my stand the current clinic I am with. Considering I am paying a hell of a lot more than I did in HK, the standard of care and level of courtesy I have received from this place is horrendous. The receptionist are rude and the nurses spends more time gossiping than doing their jobs. I have met 3 of the 4 doctors at the clinic because the person on duty when I go into labour will be delivering my baby (YES YOU CANNOT CHOOSE). One looked and sounded like she was on weeds, the next one I saw for about 30 seconds who did not offer a scan but put a doppler on my belly and then left and finally the last one had the bedside manners of a SKUNK!

I am not a difficult patient and am fairly easy going, very low risk. I would like to think I am a model patient. I don’t question doctors on their judgement, show up early for my appointments and am polite to everyone in the clinic. Argh, I miss Dr. Hon and nurse Cody!

Mr. P suggested that we switch doctors. So yesterday I found myself on the wrong side of town in a basement office of a new obgyn. I was suitably underwhelm as I stood at door to the office, once inside however the difference with my first clinic was stark. The receptionist is friendly, nurses are warm and the obgyn, a real gem.

The only hiccup with switching doctors is that the new obgyn delivers only at Lenox Hill hospital which unfortunately does not have all private post-partum suites. My insurance does not cover private rooms unless of course I am put in there if they ran out of semi-private rooms. This is a nightmare given that C was born in Hotel Matilda Hospital where there is all-day room service dining. It costs USD 500 a night for a private room. I may as well book myself 2 nights at the Peninsula or some other fancy hotel at the price!!

Here’s the dilemma, choose the doctor or choose the hospital (not that NYU Langone is that much better)?

:: Bubba :: All Grown Up


This has been a magical week in 3 years 2 months of parenting; it’s all rainbows and unicorns!

The weather has finally turned and it was a good week at work; home before 7 all week and dinner out last night at a new restaurant (10th & Willow, that Brie was amazing!!). Clover ate well, was mostly not grumpy in the mornings and was generally delightful. There was little boundary pushing from her and in turn no temper tantrum from me.

I let Mr. P left for a round of golf with some friends early this morning. The bub and I enjoyed lots of cuddles, kisses and tickles in bed. We read, watched TV took a nice shower all before ballet. She’s now dancing to Let It Go and we are off home for a siesta after her class.

This is how weekends should be!


Last (last) March, I took a day off and went gallivanting down in East Village with my dear friend who was visiting. I have always wanted to try Momofuku so we headed over for an lunch. Bit of a track on the subway coming from the opposite end of Manhattan (UWS)!


Kiasu us were 5th in line; we picked a seat at the bar to get close to the action. We ordered the Momofuku pork buns, spicy miso ramen and some garlic chicken wings.




The pork buns are good if you like fatty, succulent pork belly. The noodles were pretty average to be honest; the wings were my favourite. We were so stuffed at the end; couldn’t even manage anything from the Milk Bar.

I would love to go back with a larger crowd just to try their friend chicken (two whole fried chickens, one southern style and one korean style - mu shu pancakes, bibb lettuce, four sauces and an assortment of seasonal vegetables). We spied a table of 6 eagerly tucking in and that chicken looked fantastic.


171 first avenue
btwn 10th + 11th street
new york, ny 10003

I was clearing out photos from my phone when I came across these from last Summer. On a random Sunday we decided to head to Coney Island on a whim. It took over an hour on the subway to get there from the Upper West Side!

We started our day at the NY Aquarium which is across from the broad walk and the beach. The devastation from Sandy was still very much evident 9 months after the event; many exhibits were still closed. We had an annual zoo pass which gave us free entry, else I would highly recommend to skip it.



After the aquarium we walked along the broad walk and of course queued for a Nathan’s hotdog (frankly overrated). Mr. P took C for a quick bit of water play before we headed home.







I have wanted one for years; way back when I think the RRP was around the USD 2,000 mark (2008 maybe, it is now USD 2,650 + tax). While I know this would be an investment piece, perfect for the HK “winter”, I couldn’t really justify plonking down serious money for an item of clothing. Plus I was terribly distracted with Louboutins and Hermes.

I have probably tried on the jacket 5 times in different cities and never got to pulling the trigger partly because of the epaulettes. They placed unnecessary emphasis on my shoulders (not broad, just nice and straight but still…).

This season, Balenciaga introduced a new version of the classic leather biker – without epaulettes and with a button at the bottom. With E lowering the price on the new biker in black and an additional 15% off, I was sold.

I’m glad I bought it; the leather was so thick and smooshy, reminiscent of some of the best years of balenciaga leather (those who know, Bal has terrible consistency with their leather). I sized up given that I never really liked the bao bah zhang look and that since I’m going to be in the Northeast for a while I need to fit more than a thin tee underneath.

That’s my little present to myself for a hard year’s work. (It was that or a Boy Chanel but since I still have 2 unused bags – Chanel JM and Celine Micro – I reckon I’d get more use out of the jacket).

I know many had it worse that I do but this pregnancy has been HARD. With C, I had an aversion to pizza and that’s it, no being sick AT ALL. Oh and cankles well into the third trimester.

With no. 2, I am still nauseous even in my second trimester. While I don’t have my head down the bowl puking my guts, this whole feeling-like-hurling thing is new to me. My palette has gone nuts; nothing I eat seem to satisfy my unidentifiable cravings. I have lost a few pounds because of these afflictions.

The medical care which I am paying A LOT MORE for is crap. The American medical system is the worst I have ever dealt with when compared to HK and SG. When I was pregnant with C, I was working for Macquarie which had a Cigna International plan for all non-local employees. I paid a grand total of HKD 6,667 (for an upgrade to a super duper coverage) to have all my scans, delivery fees and hospital bills covered. There was even pre-biling which enabled me to walk out of Hotel Matilda Hospital (I had a private room with a terrace that had 2 sun lounges up on the peak) without paying a single cent.

In the States, I have paid about USD 1,500 to date on top of my monthly insurance payments. I still have to pay another USD 1,000 out-of-pocket costs before full coverage kicks in.

Costs aside, I miss my obgyn. Dr. Edmund Hon has the best bedside manner of any doctor I have ever seen; he is comforting and never once felt pre-natal vitamins (other than folic acid) was essential as long as I eat a balanced diet.

I don’t know if it’s an American thing, the doctors seem overly keen to promote certain brands of multi-vits (must be the kickbacks from the drug companies). Their bedside manners are NON-EXISTENT. And despite paying a shit load of money (hello $30 for a pee test, $50 to draw my blood), they don’t offer you an ultrasound at every visit (“oh the sonographer is not in today”). I cannot believe they go to med school and cannot operate an ultrasound machine and has to wait for a specialist. WTF!

Guess what? I had to go to a different diagnostics clinic to get my nuchal transluceny and blood test done. The sonographer there disagreed with the EDD I was given by the obgyn but Miss I-am-just-an-obgyn didn’t think there was a need to revised the EDD. Oh well.

Onto better thoughts, we have names! Our detailed scan is in 2.5 weeks, we will hopefully find out if baby will be a Callen or Ava (current front runner for a girl’s name because Mr. P thinks Colette is too French).

Can’t wait!


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